The Imperial Shrimp Problem

Sobota 14:30 – 18:00 Stół 7

System: Dwory Końca Świata

Prowadzący: Jakub Zapała – Ekipa Dziedzictwa Imperium

Ograniczenia wiekowe: 16+

Triggery: intrigue, violence, shrimps

Your ship entered a small port on a remote island of Rator. You need fresh water and to make some repairs after a storm last night. The stay must be short – a shipment of shrimps for the court in Anburg cannot wait! But as you go through the town, you see an excited crowd gathering at the town square. The local governor announces a survivor who claims he travelled on a lost imperial ship has been washed on the shore! Every vessel will now be commissioned to search for the castaways. That includes your fair boat. Nobody cares for the shrimps or even if the survivor tells the truth. You’d better do something, or you lose a lot of money!


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